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Who are we?
The Guz


In a market environment that values and rewards disruption, there’s Guzcoin, the world's first guano-based nondigital cryptocurrency: cryptocurrency as nature intended.

Launching soon.

  Just look at these STUNNING Testimonials:

"...N e way let me know if ur bitcoin is worth 3 thousand dollars in bird surgery thx" - Crowl Cookie

"Birbs r good. So r free market economies." - Jessica Halliwell

"My problem is I'm not rich enough. I need to back the markets in a big way and this is it. Hello, me get richer" - Studs McKenzie

"...I know I’m yung but I can definitely make some good coin frends!!!!!!!!..." - Crumb Cramb Crump

"...Sometimes I fill plastic bags with Mayo and bring it to work and hide under my desk and drink it with a big straw from 7/11. People judge me. I would like to work an environment where I can cry into my Mayo bags and drink them in peace, you know?..." - Stankusz Girabaldi Crabmother

"Tobacco and cotton yields ‘been light now 3 years running." - Andrew James Monks

"We love business tho so I want in on the coin my dude!!! I heard that kryptocurrency is soooo coool on earth RN and I am pretty ahead of the game under ground. Most of these demons and goats don’t know shit about shitcoin!!!!!" - Satan Johnuel Hellfire

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